5 thoughts on “Recover The Bible

  1. I sent my bible to Brett for recovering, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. There’s something about his recovering that is so artistic and symbolic of what words are within that leather. Every time I open my bible, I’m greeted by the distilled smell of leather; the cover is durable and conforms to the book naturally. In some ways, it brings the message alive in a whole new sense; I believe that’s due to the natural, rugged characteristic of the covering…much like what I would imagine early bibles to be like. I would highly recommend his skillful talent to anyone looking to shed the worn, mass-produced cover of his/her current bible.

  2. I had my Bible recovered by Brett and I am glad I did. This may sound strange but my times with the Lord seem to have increased in intimacy and I have a stronger desire to read and study it more.

  3. This cover will last for centuries. Seriously, I think it really will. Clean face, tight, reverent, easy to clean. If you have an older Bible that carries notes, and special memories, this is the cover that I would recommend to keep them safe and secure.

  4. Brett: I asked the Dean for permission to pass round my newly recovered Bibles (6th photo on your website) at our Faculty Meeting today. We’ll see if there is any more interest. Sorry the meeting was postponed in November. Jim

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