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Recover The Bible – Order Form Windsor

Cost of shipping is based on average distance/weight costs.

Small Bibles $50*:approx-less than 2″x5″x7″; recover only, no repair.  ($55 w/ return ship.)

Med. Bibles $60*: approx-less than 2″x7″x9″; recover only, no repair.  ($70 if return ship.)

Large Bibles $70*: approx. Study Bibles; recover only, no repair.  ($82 if return ship)

Super Bibles $80*: Parallel Bibles or Multibook; recover only. ($95 if return ship.)

Special Orders $??: If you have an order that is not covered in the above categories, pricing on special orders must be discussed by phone or email.

* Add $20 for specialty leathers: Oil Tanned, Italian – Burnt Orange, Italian – Dark Chocolate

Repairs can vary.  Binding restoration ($5 per section of your Bible that is separated from the binding);  If you have more than two ‘repairs’ send a picture for custom pricing.

Silk Markers$4 each (see picture below) One silk marker included.

Silk markers – $4 each.



Natural Lettering - $2 per letter.

Natural Lettering – $2 per letter.


Security Strap – $20










Front & Back Inside Cover Pages $15 (see picture)

Front & Back cover pages – $15.












Cross ($5) Lettering ($2 per Letter) on Walnut


Recover The Bible – Order Form Windsor

Question? Email: or Call: 719-659-2759

Rough Leather Colors: Walnut, Natural, Black

Specialty Leather Colors: Oil Tanned Brown (thick leather), Burnt Orange (Italian Leather), Dark Chocolate Brown (Italian Leather)

Mental picture of Rough leather: Think Simon the tanner, not Gucci.


Many have chosen to recover a newer Bible before it suffers binding damage.

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